Instructions for complainants

Anyone has the right to turn to the Chancellor of Justice. A complaint can be filed with the Chancellor of Justice if the complainant believes that a Finnish authority, civil servant or other person/body assigned with public duties has acted in an unlawful manner or failed to fulfil their responsibilities

A complaint must be filed in writing. The Office of the Chancellor of Justice serves its customers in both Finnish and Swedish. Complainants may also file a complaint in the Sámi language. A complaint may be written by hand, but it must be legible. The complaint can be filed using a separate online complaint form or by sending a letter of complaint via e-mail or traditional mail (not via Matkahuolto) or delivered in person to the registry of the Office of the Chancellor of Justice. Documents can be delivered to the Office during working hours (Monday–Friday, 8 a.m.–4.15 p.m.). Customers are requested to arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to closing. Registry contact information. The complaint form (in Finnish and Swedish only) can be used for filing a complaint. The processing of a complaint is free of charge.

The letter of complaint should include whom and what the complaint concerns. The letter of complaint must include the complainant’s name and contact information. The contact information is necessary for the purpose of sending the response to the complaint and any other relevant documents. You should include any decisions or other documentation that relates to the matter of your complaint. They will be returned to you once a decision has been made concerning the complaint. A complaint that is filed with the Office of the Chancellor of Justice in paper form must be signed.

The Chancellor of Justice will not handle complaints that concern a matter that is more than two years old unless there are special grounds to do so (until 31 May 2011, the period of limitation was five years). The complainant will be notified without delay if a matter will not be handled for this reason. Furthermore, the complainant will be notified if a particular matter falls beyond the scope of the authority of the Chancellor of Justice. The complainant will also be notified if a matter will not be handled by the Office of the Chancellor of Justice due to the fact that the matter is currently under consideration by a competent authority or still open to appeal.

The Chancellor of Justice may forward the handling of a complaint to a competent authority, if there are grounds for such an action based on the nature of the matter. In such cases, the complainant will be notified about the transfer.

There is no right of appeal concerning any decision on the complaint.