Chancellor of Justice Tuomas Pöysti

Dr. Tuomas Pöysti
Doctor Iuris, Title of Docent in Administrative law, Doctor of Philosophy (h.c.)
The Chancellor of Justice of the Government of Finland
Supreme Guardian of Law in Finland

Twitter @thpoysti

Additional qualifications and academic titles

Title of Docent in Administrative Law, University of Helsinki (2001 -), Invited to the position of the Professor of Administrative Law and Information Law of the University of Lapland (2011), recognized to be qualified for the position of Professor of Law and Informatics (University of Lapland, 2008). PhD (h.c.) (University of Lapland 2019)

Dr. Pöysti is among well-known academic authorities in Scandinavia on information law and legal informatics with approximately 50 scientific publications and he has been a regular columnist in magazines. Dr. Pöysti has been additionally regularly official evaluator of the scientific merits and competences for professorships and titles of docent in law and public accounting (University of Helsinki, Turku, Tampere) and appeared regularly as official examiner for PhD Thesis (Universities of Helsinki, Lapland and Tampere) and has been the member of the Advisory board of the Scandinavian Studies in Law.

Main publications

- Tietoturvallisuus ja laki (Information Security and Law, 1997)
- Tehokkuus, informaatio ja eurooppalainen oikeusalue (Efficiency, Information and European Legal Space 1999)

and the following wider articles: 

- The IIoT and Design for Contextually Relevant Data Protection in Rosa Maria Ballardini, Petri Kuoppamäki & Olli Pitkänen: Regulating Industrial Internet Through IPR, Data Protection and Competition Law, (Wolters Kluwer, 2019)
- Trust on Digital Administration and Platforms (Scandinavian Studies in Law, Vol. 65, 2018)
- Kohti digitaalisen ajan hallinto-oikeutta, (Lakimies 7-8/2018)
- Information Policy and Citizens’ Communicational Rights as Conditions for Sustainable Fiscal Policy in the European Union, (KnowRi§ht 2012)
- Information Government in Practise: Functional Gains and Legal Perils (Scandinavian Studies in Law, 2010)
- Hallintoeettiset toimintasäännöstöt hyvän hallinnon toteuttamisessa (Ethical Codes of Conduct in the realization of Good Administration) (in Avoin, tehokas ja riippumaton, Helsinki 2010)
- Scandinavian Idea of Informational Fairness in Law – Encounters of Scandinavian and European Freedom of Information and Copyright Law (Scandinavian Studies in Law, 2007)
- Communicational Quality of Law (in Festskrift Peter Seipel, 2006).

List of publications available separately.

Work history

Dr. Tuomas Pöysti served from 1st September 2017 to 31st December 2017 as Under-Secretary of State for Governance Policy and Digitalization, Ministry of Finances and Chairman of the Executive Management Group of the Government Health & Social Services and Regional Government Reforms, and, the Government’s Project Lead on Central Government Reform. 

From 1st October 2015 to 31 August 2017 as Under-Secretary of State for Health & Social Services, Regional Government and Central Government Reforms, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health & Ministry of Finances and is the Government’s Project Lead for Health & Social Services, Regional Government and Central Government Reforms with the aim of better access to services, more equity in access to health & social services and in health & welfare outcomes, and increased freedom of user choice and better regulation of the use of market based services in the provision of health and social services.

In his career Dr. Tuomas Pöysti has served in the positions of the Auditor General of Finland in the Parliament of Finland, (2007- September 2015) where he was the President of the Supreme Audit Institution (SAI) of Finland (the Court of auditors of Finland) and the Independent Fiscal Institution (IFI) of Finland and was a regular adviser to the Constitutional Law Committee of the Parliament, Member and Chairman of the Supervisory Committee of the European Anti-Fraud Office OLAF at the European Commission, part time position of trust appointed by common accord of the European Parliament, the Council and the Commission in 2013-2016, the Government Controller General at the Ministry of Finance, Finland (head of internal control, risk management and evaluation, Government’s chief accountability co-ordinator, 2004-2006) and between 1999-2004 as Ministerial Adviser at the Ministry of Finance.

Dr. Pöysti has been chairman or member of several executive level governmental working groups on regulation, strategic governance and public finances and in the international organizations including working groups and networks within European Union (EU SAI network on Fiscal Policy Audit), INTOSAI global community (INTOSAI WG on Financial Reform, INTOSAI Environmental Audit WG) and the OECD (OECD PBO and IFI network). Prior 1999 Dr. Pöysti worked in the academia in Universities of Helsinki and Lapland. Dr. Pöysti has held several international and national positions of trust in the fields of legal science and law (including President of the Finnish Young Lawyers’ Association).